House of Representatives

Chris Matthews has the Exchange of the Year

The GOP “war on women” just got a notch more interesting today on “Hardball.” Chris Matthews hosted Rep. Rodgers from Washington. It was a stunning - and telling - exchange from a woman who is clearly in denial:

Rodgers: I’m a member of Congress. The House released its budget yesterday - and the criticism that came immediately from the Democrat women in the House is that they said it was anti-woman. This is a distraction from the real issues. The reality is that the Republicans won the women’s vote in 2010, and the Democrats know they have to win the women’s vote and they are scared. These are scare tactics to scare women.

Matthews: Who’s tactics are they? How do Democrats get Republican legislators to make these proposals? How tricky are they, these Democrats? They get the Virginia legislators to bring up all this stuff on Abortion? They get Santorum to talk up contraception? These Democrats are ventriloquists? How do they get the Republicans to say all this stuff? They’re really masterful I’d say. I know I’m being sarcastic; you know the evidence is here that a lot of right-wing social activists in your party are giving the Democrats catnip here.

Rodgers: And there’s a lot of left-wing social activists pushing their agenda in various legislatures and in Congress. It’s the same thing.

No, it’s not. When you f*ck with the fundamental right to make decisions about your body - it’s not the same thing. Go back to school and get a better argument.